Single Corner Shelf 5611T

  • Style:
  • Contemporain
  • Modèle:
  • 5611T
  • Matériel:
  • Brass & Zinc, Glass
  • Finition:
  • Chrome, Matte Black, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Polished Black Nickel, Polished Gold, Brushed Gold, Rose Gold

Each finish has an abbreviated suffix added to the end of the product model #.

  • Chrome - C 
  • Matte Black - MB
  • Polished Nickel - PN
  • Brushed Nickel - BN
  • Polished Black Nickel - BK
  • Polished Gold - GD
  • Brushed Gold - BG
  • Rose Gold - RG

Keeping bathroom toiletries, washcloths, and ornaments organized is easy with LaLOO shelving that can be installed in corners. Use the attractive and functional Corner Shelf on a wall or in showers. Use multiple shelves and set the height between shelves to your needs. Glass shelf is tempered for your safety.


Download PDF files:

5611T Specification

Accessory Installation Instructions