Insert Side Edge LED Mirror M01751L

  • Style:
  • LED
  • Model:
  • M01751L
  • Lumens:
  • 660
  • Watts:
  • 10.24

4500 Kelvin LED Back Lit Mirrors

Operating life – 35,000 hours

The rectangular backlit mirror has insert lighting on two sides and accents on the upper and lower edges. The LED strip shines through a frosted 1 3/4” opening on the left and right sides and a 1/4” opening on the top and bottom. The lighting is suitable for accent lighting and should be complemented with spot or track for task lighting. The mirror can be hardwired to a wall switch and is turned on and off with the toggle switch on the underside of the mirror frame.


Download PDF files:

M01751L Specification

Mirror Installation Instructions