Karre ll Tumbler and Holder K9384

  • Style:
  • Minimalist
  • Model:
  • K9384
  • Material:
  • Brass & Zinc, Glass
  • Finishes:
  • Chrome, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Polished Gold, Brushed Gold, Matte Black, White Frost, Stone Grey

Each finish has an abbreviated suffix added to the end of the product sku.

  • Chrome - C 
  • Polished Nickel - PN
  • Brushed Nickel - BN
  • Polished Gold - GD
  • Brushed Gold - BG
  • Matte Black - MB
  • White Frost - WF
  • Stone Grey - SG

The tumbler holder will compliment your choice of other Karre II accessories. The wall mount tumbler will free up precious counter space in smaller bathrooms. The Karre II tumbler holder is complimentary with pedestal and wall mount basins.


Download PDF files:

K9384 Specification

Accessory Installation Instructions

Accessory Cleaning Instructions